Age features of children 5-6 years old

Even as the child gets older play is important. It’s still how the child learns and builds social, emotional and thinking skills.

The child’s play is more complex now, filled with lots of fantasy and drama. At this age children take on more standard gender roles in pretend play – for example, girls tend to pretend play as mothers and boys as fathers.

the child is becoming more social and prefers to play with friends rather than on her own. She might find it hard to share her special toys, but she can share – most of the time, at least!

Games with rules sometimes challenge the 5-6 year-old, and he might even accuse others of cheating when he doesn’t win.the child can express her feelings, although she might need help and time to identify and talk about tricky emotions like frustration or jealousy. She has much better control over her feelings too and she might have fewer unexpected outbursts of anger and sadness.Although children of this age love to be indepen Read more

How many children are in the group?

No more than 15 children are in each group with a teacher and a TA. Second teacher assistant is always nearby and ready to come to help.

Do you offer healthy food?

The menu has been developed by the pediatrician, a nutritionist has calculated the appropriate calories and all the necessary vitamins and minerals for children. Only fresh food from reliable suppliers is used. We do not use spreads, margarine, condensed milk, waffles, cookies, sausages, factory juices, other unhealthy food of dangerous origin. Birthday cakes are baked by our cook.

Do you have transportation?

Yes, currently we offer two-way transfer from Baghramyan ave. to our Center.

Our advantages

What services do you have for schoolers aged 6+

We offer after-school extended stay for 1-6 graders – we help them do homework and understand tasks better, acquire new skills and knowledge, make new friends. At Indigami we also offer a special program for summer, fall and spring school vacations. It’s an exciting program specially tailored for the school-aged kids from different backgrounds aimed at engaging them in different new and fun experiences and skills. The program has educational, sport, art and craft, technology components at the kids’ disposal.