All under the same roof

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Why Indigami? Indigami brand was founded in 2020 by two well-known companies, Indigo Child Developmental Center and AMI Club Development Center .

Who works at Indigami?

Our team members are highly-qualified dedicated specialists, who love children and their job, they have the necessary educational background but never stop learning new skills and knowledge, they often participate in local and international workshops and trainings to ensure the best quality we offer. You can find more detailed information in the Our Team section of the website.

Does the program include designated hours for the child psychologist and speech therapist?

Both psychologist and speech therapist have group dates with the kids twice a week. We also have a separate service - individual sessions with child psychologist and speech therapist.

Our vision

To be a center of educational excellence, built on knowledge, love, collaboration, effective leadership and exemplary practice

Our advantages

Why Indigami? Indigami brand was founded in 2020 by two well-known companies, Indigo Child Developmental Center and AMI Club Development Center .

What services do you have for schoolers aged 6+ :

We offer after-school extended stay for 1-6 graders – we help them do homework and understand tasks better, acquire new skills and knowledge, make new friends. At Indigami we also offer a special program for summer, fall and spring school vacations. It’s an exciting program specially tailored for the school-aged kids from different backgrounds aimed at engaging them in different new and fun experiences and skills. The program has educational, sport, art and craft, technology components at the kids’ disposal.

Do you offer online video footage?

The building and adjacent premises are monitored 24/7 by 20 surveillance cameras for quality assurance and security reasons, parents are given the opportunity to go back to the chunk of any day in the principal’s office.

How many times a day are children exposed to fresh air?

Depending on the weather conditions, at least twice. When the weather is favorable they spend most of the day in the yard and orchard, we transfer our main activities to the open spaces, they even eat outside, in the backyard .

How is the adaptation of new students organized?

Our team help children to overcome the anxiety in the early stages of separation from a parent. During the adaptation period, we emphasize the role of the parent by involving them in the process, since the parents are the first link between the child and the society. At the initial stage, the kids attend the center accompanied by a parent. Parental guidance is an individual process that can take 5-20 days, until the child adjusts, is ready to leave the parent with a smile, and adapts smoothly to the new environment. The smooth process of adaptation largely depends on the parent, his trust in our team.