Tatevik Manukyan

Graduating from the Faculty of Pediatrics of the Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi she has perceived its profession as an integral part of life and treated the path it has chosen with devotion and love. She  joined our team in 2017 and since then she surrounded both students and the staff with her care, love and attention. According to her, maintaining the health and safety of the child is one of her most important missions in life. 


Since when has Indigam been operating?

Indigami Center as an independent brand has been operating since October 2020, while its ancestors AMI Club and Indigo Center started in 2010 and 2014 respectively.

What are your opening hours? The opening hours are 8: 30-19: 00 from April through September. From October through March the hours are 8: 30-18: 30