Irina Pahlevanyan

Having a background in International relations, Irina in 2014 founded “Indigo” Child Development Center, which set a new benchmark in this field with its innovative and insightful approach, unique activities and interesting events. One of them was "Koala" two-day festival for mothers and kids first ever organized in Yerevan in 2016, that  brought together several international organizations dealing with children's issues, different specialists and parents. Prior to founding this center, Irina worked on international development projects, led several projects, and specialized in fundraising as an expert and consultant. As a mother of three, she studied various methods of early development and education, participated in a number of courses and study tours abroad. She loves children, value quality education and social responsibility in business. Since October 2020, when Indigo և AMI Club merged, she is the director of Indigami Center together with Nelly Khachatryan.

Since when has Indigam been operating?

Indigami Center as an independent brand has been operating since October 2020, while its ancestors AMI Club and Indigo Center started in 2010 and 2014 respectively.

What are your opening hours? The opening hours are 8: 30-19: 00 from April through September. From October through March the hours are 8: 30-18: 30