Children aged 2-3 years old

 The TODDLER group is for 2-3 year old children, who are going through the first-time separation from their parents and family and adaptation to a new environment. The primary goal of our specialists is to help children overcome the anxiety that arises in the early stages of separation and new environment. At this age the child ‘s play is parallel to his peers, they share a common environment, but the play itself is less interactive. Children learn to take the first steps in a new environment with their peers: play, communicate, study, copy. Free and directed games are of special focus in this work-group. Through play, the child perceives the world, strengthens the acquired knowledge and interacts with others, learns to relate to peers ևand adults, interpret and solve existing problems. At this age, children can not concentrate for a long time, they are easily distracted, the speech is not yet fully developed. In the junior group, the main form Read more

How many children are in the group?

No more than 15 children are in each group with a teacher and a TA. Second teacher assistant is always nearby and ready to come to help.

Do you offer healthy food?

The menu has been developed by the pediatrician, a nutritionist has calculated the appropriate calories and all the necessary vitamins and minerals for children. Only fresh food from reliable suppliers is used. We do not use spreads, margarine, condensed milk, waffles, cookies, sausages, factory juices, other unhealthy food of dangerous origin. Birthday cakes are baked by our cook.

Do you have transportation?

Yes, currently we offer two-way transfer from Baghramyan ave. to our Center.

Our advantages

What services do you have for schoolers aged 6+

We offer after-school extended stay for 1-6 graders – we help them do homework and understand tasks better, acquire new skills and knowledge, make new friends. At Indigami we also offer a special program for summer, fall and spring school vacations. It’s an exciting program specially tailored for the school-aged kids from different backgrounds aimed at engaging them in different new and fun experiences and skills. The program has educational, sport, art and craft, technology components at the kids’ disposal.